Donna Jacobs
I’m so happy you’re here. Let’s start the journey to a better you, together.

Donna’s work is based on the belief that when people identify the various parts of themselves, they can transform to live happy, healthy and complete lives by becoming their best selves.

Donna Jacobs is a seasoned clinical psychologist who has worked extensively with both individuals and couples. Inspired by her years of experience, Donna created the “Self-Integration Model” (SIM), which helps her clients as they work towards becoming their best selves.

She believes that therapy, which can be difficult and painful, at its best is a process that balances creativity and excitement with insight and analysis.

Donna has also worked extensively in the field of fertility, helping individuals and couples navigate the complicated, painful road of infertility. She has been a consultant to many of the fertility clinics in the city of Toronto. She has also presented at conferences and has had numerous television and radio appearances dealing with related topics to her practice. You may have seen Donna as a regular guest expert on Cityline Television with Marilyn Dennis.

Donna’s recent book, Becoming Your Best Self: Healing Through Self-Integration, presents her therapeutic Model, offering case studies and worksheets to help bring SIM to life

Donna taught for many years at Concordia University in Montreal before making her move to Toronto in 1997 and was part of an online course on third party reproduction through TAPE studies for professionals in affiliation with St.Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. Prior to psychology, Donna completed a fine arts degree which led to 18 years teaching in the Graduate Art Therapy Program at Concordia University while still maintaining her private practice.

Donna is excited to go to work every day and is grateful for her many clients, both past and present, who have instilled their trust in her.