Donna Jacobs

The Impact of COVID on Couples – Inspiration Interview Series by Jodi Larry, ND

In this interview, Donna and Jodi shed light on:

The profound effect of COVID on couples.
What couples need to be aware of, so they can work together.
Tips for couples to get started to shift their awareness – today!

A Follow Up Video On Parenting (from the Feb 2020 Parenting Summit)

May 21, 2020: Donna was live on Instagram!

Please join Donna for an informal chat with Sherry Gallant as they discuss anxiety, parenting during COVID19, Donna’s therapeutic model and various other topics.

After having an emotional few days, Donna has rewritten the lyrics to a David Gates song, as a tribute to all front line workers.

Donna’s Parenting Video from the Parenting Summit Feb 2020

In this video, Donna talks about couple’s work, affairs and sex:

To help get us through these trying times, Donna had rewritten lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine”:

Message L-O-V-E :

Holidays can be stressful for some with travel, family, & relationships. Here are some tools you can use:

In this video June Rogers (medical journalist) discusses Donna’s email tag line which states: “If my happiness is dependent on someone else changing, I will live in chronic dissatisfaction”.

Donna discusses with June Rogers, medical journalist, her concept of Indulgent parenting—be it parenting our children from an indulgent stance or indulging ourselves, and the consequences of this kind of parenting, which range from entitlement to self absorption to possible narcissism:

June Rogers, medical journalist, interviews Donna on the concept of co-dependency:

What does it mean to function from the Adult State in us? June Rogers interviews Donna on the concept of the Adult and illustrates the functions of the this state from the healthy and unhealthy side of her Self-Integration Model (SIM):

Client Session Re-enactment with Sam:

Client session re-enactment with Julian:

Donna walks June through her Self-Integration Model and the 6 steps healing in order for June to combat her anxiety:

This video will explain my “Self-Integration” Model – a new therapeutic model that is helping people move out of destructive patterns and becoming their best selves: