Donna Jacobs

Becoming Your Best Self in today’s world, a guide to change the way we face challenges

In her new book, Donna Jacobs, a seasoned clinical psychologist, shares her compelling therapeutic model to teach us how to reposition ourselves in difficult situations and relationships.

Toronto, ON (May 15, 2019) — Donna Jacobs’ new book, Becoming Your Best Self: Healing through self-integration, was recently released on April 30th at the Paint Box Bistro. Donna captured her audience with readings that simultaneously shared her personal journey and the power of her practical Self-Integration Model (SIM). With an evocative dramatization of one of the case studies included in the book, Donna demonstrated how people improve the way they react and respond to external stresses in their lives. With the release of her new book, Donna is poised to change lives.

Donna’s book comes at a critical time where statistical and anecdotal data demonstrate how deeply people struggle in today’s world. Anxiety is at a record high, particularly impacting our young people; relationships struggle under societal pressures; parents are confused about the best approaches to raising their children; masculinity is under fire as it attempts to redefine itself against a backdrop of hyper masculine media messaging; and a combination of economic stresses and consumer pressure impact our pocketbooks. Donna’s book puts the tools for change into our hands. In fact, her model does even better than that, showing us that what we are looking for, we already possess — the means to work towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

“I had the opportunity to observe a live demonstration of the SIM model at Donna’s book launch. After previewing the book itself, I can confidently say that this creative and intelligent model offers a new and brilliant blend of many well established and successful therapeutic modalities.

What makes it unique, is that it is equally user-friendly, educational and useful for both Practitioners and anyone who is seeking more personal growth and healing. Donna’s model provides an in depth recipe for positively altering the re-enactment of unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns from our past.”

Dr. Joe Goodman – Psychologist
Thomas Goodman Consulting, Toronto

Becoming Your Best Self: Healing Through Self-Integration

Becoming Your Best Self  teaches Donna’s model in accessible language, using stories from case studies, diagrams and worksheets so the reader is left with the tools needed to practice the model. Through her teaching, the reader discovers that — before we can negotiate our challenging situations — we need to take care of ourselves by understanding deeply our starting places, healing our own wounds, and learning to nudge our perspectives into healthier positions.

Donna Jacobs M.A. Psychologist

About Donna Jacobs

Donna Jacobs has been practicing clinical psychology for over forty years, and has — as a result of her work with clients — developed her own model (SIM) to promote healing. Concurrently to her practice, Donna is a dynamic speaker and experienced performing artist – acting as lead singer in her band, staging a one-woman cabaret show, and leading regular workshops to teach her therapeutic model. Donna is passionate about her work, knowing that the model she has developed can change lives.

Donna currently sees clients – individuals and couples — at Mind Health in Toronto.

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